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The Museum’s collection includes paintings, sculpture, textiles, ritual objects and more, spanning a period from the 2nd to the 20th century.

"The Rubin Museum of Art (RMA) is a cultural and educational institution dedicated to the art of the Himalayas. Its mission is to establish, present, preserve and document a permanent collection that reflects the vitality, complexity and historical significance of Himalayan art and to create exhibitions and programs designed to explore connections with other world cultures. RMA is committed to addressing a diverse audience - from connoisseurs and scholars to the general public and young children. Through its collection, library, exhibitions and educational programs, RMA will become an international center for the preservation, study and enjoyment of Himalayan art."
Bon: The Magic Word
The Indigenous Religion of Tibet
October 5, 2007–April 14, 2008
4th and 5th Floor

Bon: The Magic Word is the first exhibition of art to illuminate the Bon, a religious and cultural group living in the Himalayas and Central Asia—a group almost unknown in the Western world. Bon culture and religion pre-date the northern advance of Buddhism onto the Tibetan Plateau in the 7th century. Despite Buddhism’s growth in popularity since the 11th century, the Bon religion and culture have continued up to the present day. This eye-opening exhibition will identify a substrate of belief in the spirits of place and natural formations—mountains, sky, rivers, stones, and lakes—springing from Bon that runs through the edifices of religions in the region. It will also begin to train the eye to see distinctive Bon features in the arts of the Himalayas and surrounding regions.

Building the Collection: Acquisitions 2005–2006
WHAT IS IT? Himalayan Art
2nd Floor

On view since October 28, 2005

Himalayan art is new terrain for many people. This exhibition is intended to serve a as guide through this exhilarating landscape. It is organized into four sections, each addressing one of the following basic questions about Himalayan art.

Each object on view contributes a partial answer to the question "What is Himalayan art?" The installation will change periodically to refocus the questions and to pose others. The Museum as a whole is a journey along many paths thought Himalayan art, offering intimate encounters and changing perspectives.

New installation opens November 16, 2007

Works of art introduced into this rotation of the exhibition What Is It: Himalayan Art? emphasize history. The "Where Is It Made?" section shows the historical movement of styles from India, Kashmir, and Nepal into regions of Tibet and the later influences of Tibetan art in Mongolia and China. A new section answers the question "How Did Buddhism Arrive in Tibet?" featuring portraits of some of the most important figures in this history.


Asian Contemporary Art Week
Artists in Conversation / Performances
March 21, 2008 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Admission is free

David Abir and Frank Fu
A live performance by Chinese artist Frank Fu and the sound works of artist David Abir is the ACAW feature at the Rubin Museum of Art’s K2 Lounge. Also, DJ Yuka Honda spins music late into the evening.

Asian Contemporary Art Week March 15 - 24, 2008. The hottest contemporary art event in New York City sizzles in March 2008 with exhibitions and artists in conversation at 47 major museums and galleries across the city. Get up close and personal with the best of the best in Asian art today!

Asian Contemporary Art Week connects leading New York City galleries and museums in a citywide event composed of public programs such as exhibitions, receptions, lectures, and performances. The week focuses on the broad spectrum of artworks produced by Asian contemporary artists working in their home countries and abroad.

Tours Talks & Lectures

Guided Tours throughout the Galleries,
Wed-Mon 3:00 pm-4:00 pm

RMA now offers complimentary guided tours throughout the galleries! Every day (except Tuesday- at 3 p.m.) for a unique journey into Himalayan Art, with new perspectives every week. Free with Museum admission. Tours are an hour long and are subject to availability (15 person maximum). Meet at the base of the spiral staircase in the RMA's lobby.


Galleries are open - Five Minute Focus tours hourly
Running Daily 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Five-Minute Focus Tours: RMA offers brief tours of the collection at the top of each hour. Join RMA Guides to discover the stories and learn about the rich histories found in Himalayan art, with new insights every hour.

Conversations on Consciousness with Bokara Legendre
Wed, May 14, 2008 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
Artist and television host Bokara Legendre engages leading ethicists, artists, scientists, and philosophers in a dialogue on the nature of consciousness.

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