The Lion Throne
From the book Stupas of Greater Mongolia — Art Books of Greater Mongolia Volume 1
Borkhanchi Lama Purevbat — President of Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art, Mongolian Traditional Art and Culture Centre

Purevbat's Mongolian title Borkhanchi means a spiritual teacher who gives birth to Buddha that is a Buddhist Artist who is not only a master of Buddhist Art but also master of philosophy.

He has been making the utmost efforts for the revival of cultural identity and self-affirmation of Mongolians, which they lost during the last seven decades of communist rule. He established the Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art in 1993 and later, the Mongolian Traditional Are and Cultural Centre in order to educate young Mongolians, and to foster the traditional artistic culture.

Purebat has spent many years researching the history of Buddhist are and has traveled extensively throughout Asia. Through this travels he has amassed a large collection of academic material. He is now concentrating on preserving the rich traditional Mongolian heritage.

The following titles are the first group of the series from the 23 volumes of Art Books and Wisdom Book series written by him.

MIBA Art Books
1 STUPAS of Greater Mongolia (Published 2005)
2 Thangkas of Greater Mongolia
3 Geometrical Proportions of Buddhist Deities
4 Clay Figures for Worship in Greater Mongolia
5 Traditional Designs and Motifs of Greater Mongolia
MIBA Wisdom Books
1 Chongkapa's Short Lamrim (Published 2002)
2 White Lotus Sutra (Published 2005)
3 Wisdom from Mongolian Predecessors for Overcoming the Degenerate Age
4 The secret of Death and Funerals of Greater Mongolia
5 The Life of Buddha Shakyamuni
6 Secret of Desire



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