Sitatapatra, Vajra Ushnisha — The White Parasol, Crown Ornament of the Buddha

A powerful display of the art form is viewed in this Mongolian depiction of Sitatapatra, Crown Ornament of the Buddha. Adorned with auspicious attributes, jewels and silks, she is best known for her parasol and her eyes...

At least one source we researched for general information regarding Sitatapatra, described in detail her features as totaling, "1000 faces, 1000 hands, 1000 legs and 10,100,000... eyes." Further, it stated that Sitatapatra had three eyes on each face and one eye on each hand, which seemed at first to equate, then upon further examination, we determined in order to prove this theorem, one would need to develop an "x" factor, which we are calling the "Sitatapatra  Hypothesis."

Sitatapatra  Hypothesis:
If z equals 10,100,000 eyes of Sitatapatra, then x equals 2,525 (i.e., the mythological factor).

m = 1 (main face)
w = 199 (white faces)
y = 200 (yellow faces)
g = 200 (green faces)
r = 200 (red faces)
b = 200 (blue faces)
e  = 3 (eyes, each face has three)
h = 1000 (hands, each has one eye)
(((m + w + y + g + r + b) • e ) + h) x = z
z = Ten million one hundred thousand eyes, all watching over human kind.

Primary Iconography: Sitatapatra
Dimensions: 20 X 31 inches
Collection: Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts
Photo: Glenn H. Mullin and B. Batbold

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