Begtse and His Masters

One of the ten wrathful Dharmapalas, Begtse was made in the tradional manner of papier-mâché in 18-19th century. Begtse stands on a lotus base, with his right leg bent and left leg extended, a typical posture for wrathful deities. He has three wide-open eyes and an angry countenance on his face, four fangs appear in his opened mouth. He steps on two corpses, a horse and a human figure, lying on the pedestal. Begtse wears the crown of five skulls, armor, red silk garment and garland of freshly severed heads. On his chest is the mirror with the seed syllable. His right hand brandishes the scorpion-handled sword, his left hand holds the heart of enemies, and in the crook of his arm are the banner, bow, and arrow.

Rikpay Lhamo, Begtse's consort, is on his right. (In detail image) She has a red face and a naked blue body and rides on her bear who is chewing on a corpse. She lifts up her sword and holds iron phurbu in her left hand. On Begtse's left is the Laihansorogdog, charging on his wolf with his banner and dressed in armor. In a front row, Begtse's attendants are in various positions.

Primary Iconography: Begtse, The God of War
Tibetan: begtse chen
English: The Great Coat of Mail
Period: The Great Coat of Mail
Dimensions: Height 18.125 in. — 46 cm
Collection: A & D Museum of Art

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