Offerings of the precious horse and elephant

The seven possessions of the Chakravartin are made of silver or gilt metal, placed in front of the Buddhist monasteries or deities in temples. Two of the seven possessions of Chakravartin, the precious horse and elephant were made by traditional way of repoussé work by talented Mongolian artists.

The offering symbols are surrounded in flames. The precious elephant is surrounded by jewels, parasol, golden treasure vase, endless knot, golden fishes, victory banner, conch shell, wheel, lotus, the queen, and the king. The precious horse symbolizes the windhorse-he travels fast and tirelessly. He is surrounded by the eight auspicious symbols, the seven possessions of the Chakravartin, and spiral patterns. Deities in monasteries, Kings, Queens, and other hierarchy monarchs were offered the precious horse and the elephant as symbols of wealth and wellbeing.

Primary Iconography: Chakravartin
Tibetan: khor los sgyur ba'i rgyal po
English: Wheel-turning or Buddhist King
Period: Wheel-turning or Buddhist King
Dimensions: H. 22 in. — 56 cm
Collection: A & D Museum of Art

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